Music Production Placements:

Fly Union was featured on XXL’s WE Got Next (2012)

MTV Placements (2010-2015)

“Long Run” and “Don’t Call” Featured on MTV (2013)

"Friends.Women.Money" was featured on an episode of the MTV series

Buckwild (2013)

“Long Run” Featured on NBA 2K14 (2014) (Theme song for 2k14)

Samsung Campaign (2013)

Beats “ I am Campaign” (2014)

Signed to Interscope Records (2014)

Survivor’s Remorse- Startz Network

The Wall- ABC

Clevanand Hustles- ABC

Wyatt Cenac Problem Areas- HBO

Season 1 Ep 6

Season 1 Ep 3

NBA 2k19- Jerreau Really got it- Produced by Jayswifa




Columbus-based hip-hop artist Jayswifa is an established figure in the music scene with an extensive body of work.

Discover his past work:

Fly Union - Closed doors open windows mixtape (2009)

Music aired Espn football week (2009)

Value Pack 1 (2009) Feat. Big Sean


Value Pack 2 (2009) Feat. Curren$y

AirPlane Feat. Curren$y- Produced by Jayswifa

Value Pack 3 (2009) Feat. WIllie the Kid

Value Pack 4 (2010) Feat. Dom Kennedy

Like That Feat Dom Kennedy Produced by Jayswifa

Value Pack 5 (2010) Feat. Chip da ripper

Value Pack 6 (2011)

Super Pack (2011)

Fly. Union-TGTC Album (2011) #1 independent album 1st week

Fly union Video discography- Over 7 million views (Youtube)

Until Forever (Monkey Wrench) (2011)

Pusha T - Pies (2012) Produced by jayswifa

Dom Kennedy - Yellow Album (2012)

Been Thuggin- Produced by Jayswifa

Casey veggies - Customized Greatly (2012)

When you see the kid -Produced by Jayswifa

Fly Union - Zenith (2013)

Bj the chicago kid- Pineapple Now-Laters (2014)

Fly Union -Small Victories (2014)

Jayswifa x Kaytranda “5pagez” (2015)

Jerreau NHYP (2016)

Artist Collaborations

Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Big Sean, Talib Kweli, Casey Veggies, Chip Tha Ripper, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Schoolboy Q, Polow Da Don, Bj The Chicago Kid

Past Work

Fly Union
Value Pack 4
Dom Kennedy
Been Thuggin'
Fly Union
Long Run
Fly Union
Value Pack 5
Dom Kennedy
From the West Side With Love
Fly Union
Value Pack 6
Never How You Plan
Lolah Brown
Black Lily
Casey Veggies
Customized Greatly
Fly Union

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